Michael Escott

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Michael Escott 2016
  • Office: 230 West 125th Street, Room 525, New York, NY 10027
  • Campus:
    Touro College of Pharmacy
  • Phone:
    (646) 981-4724
  • Email:

Michael Escott has worked in “student affairs” for 43 years, with over 40 years at Hunter College.  While there and serving under nine different presidents, over his  years of service,  he was given additional administrative/supervisory  responsibilities and corresponding titles commensurate   with those tasks.   He is a student-oriented administrator who fully recognizes the balance that must be maintained between student needs and institutional obligations and responsibilities. He is credited with changing the academic integrity culture at Hunter, which for many years had not taken a serious approach to academic dishonesty.   He was also instrumental in significantly increasing   both the revenue to the College and available funds for student life/activities.  He was directly responsible for the intercollegiate athletic program, recreation/intramurals, the residence hall, children’s learning center, and student judiciary procedures.  He increased the number from about 50 to  over  250 campus organizations with an annual allocation going from about $200,000 per year to  $2,500,000  per year for which he was responsible.

Dean Escott has a reputation for making sound assessments and getting things done.  While at Touro, he recognized the need for a mental health counselor and succeeded in hiring one who has been of great assistance to pharmacy students and staff.  He developed and/ or revised polices related to grade appeals, academic integrity, exam administration, satisfactory academic progress, student organizations, and student complaints.  He reorganized the Student Government Association, new student orientation, established a good working relationship with “Student Services” and the TCOM program by arranging for ongoing joint meetings with them.  He has also introduced a recreation program, helped plan the first and subsequent pharmacy graduation and award banquets.