Kenneth Cohen, PharmD, PhD, MS, BCGP

Professor, Pharmacy Practice

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    Touro College of Pharmacy
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Dr. Cohen has spent most of his career in clinical and administrative pharmacy practice in health care organizations and as a pharmacy educator in both the didactic and experiential programs. He has experience teaching in both traditional and distance learning.  He has also been involved in the origination, accreditation, development and direction of ASHP accredited residency programs.

He has much experience in the utilization of evidence based medicine to guide health care systems in their decisions on how to use medication to treat disease.  These presentations are utilized both at the group level and as individual patient and clinician consultations.  His presentations involve demonstration of the value and well as the cost of drug therapy and the use of this information to provide input on formulary decisions as well as decisions on individual patient therapy.

Dr. Cohen has been involved in a number of publications and studies. These were done at the health care practice level.   They demonstrate the impact of clinical pharmacist involvement with house staff, private primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitalists in a variety of disease states and in a variety of health care settings.  These include inner city hospitals, suburban community hospitals and long term care.  He has presented these studies at the national and international level.

Dr. Cohen has participated in a number of associations including the New York State Society of Health Systems Pharmacists, The American College of Clinical Pharmacy, the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists and the American Society of Consultant  Pharmacists.


PharmD, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy
PhD, California Coast University
MS, St. John’s University College of Pharmacy
BS, Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy

Clinical Specialty

Dr. Cohen has spent most of his career in clinical and administrative pharmacy practice in health care organizations and as a pharmacy didactic and clinical educator in both the campus based and health care organization based programs


Demonstration of the impact of clinical pharmacist involvement with house staff, private primary care physicians, specialists, hospitalists and patients in a variety of disease states and in a variety of health care settings

Academic and Professional Honors

Clinical Faculty Preceptor of the Year:  May 14, 2014

Teaching responsibilities

  • PHRM 505
  • PHRM 504
  • PHRM 511
  • PHRM 632
  • PHRM 637
  • PHRM 508


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