Tamer Hassan

Alexandria, Egypt & Brooklyn, NY
Long Island University (Biochemistry)

August 21, 2017

Hassan returned to school and enrolled at Ohio State University. “I developed a passion for biochemistry,” Hassan explained. He completed his degree at LIU, writing his thesis about the role of the Ras and Raf proteins in dealing with genes in cancer.

Hassan began a master’s program in chemistry before switching to molecular biology. He considered pursuing a Ph.D. in molecular biology and pharmaceutics, before realizing he could do more with a Pharm.D. degree.

“Pharmacy was there my entire life,” he realized.  “My aunt and uncle are both pharmacists and I worked as a pharmacy coordinator. All this time, it was calling me.”

Looking for a school in New York, Hassan discovered TCOP.

“I liked the idea of being part of a newer school,” he said. “New programs tend to care a lot about their students. There was a lot of feedback when I applied and I fell in love with the program.”

Fun Fact: Hassan loves going to museums. His favorite artist is Salvador Dali. “Dali uses moments of his life in his paintings,” he said.