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The last few months have been an exciting time in the life of P1 Esther Miller. Miller married in April, graduated from Lander College for Women—The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School (LCW) in May, and began pharmacy school in August.
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The Egyptian-born Tamer Hassan came to the US as a child when his family sought a better academic future. They settled in Brooklyn. Hassan began studying at Kingsborough Community College. After taking several courses, he decided to take a hiatus and launch several businesses including a pizza parlor, a car dealership and a café (where he still is a silent partner).
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The Long Island-born Wayne Mclaughlin said various factors made him consider a career as a pharmacist. Growing up, his father was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease that still has no viable treatment options. He also witnessed firsthand the impact pharmacists can have on a local community. Nearby Mclaughlin’s hometown is a low-income neighborhood and Mclaughlin witnessed how pharmacists were “the first line of defense against sickness.”
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TCOP’s class of 2021 began their first semester during the second week of August. During the week-long orientation, the new crop of future pharmacists learned what to expect as first-year pharmacy students. The orientation culminated in a block party on 124th Street complete with karaoke, music and delicious food. In between karaoke sets and games of giant Jenga, students spoke about why they wanted to become pharmacists.