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The four years you’ll spend at Touro College of Pharmacy will fly by faster than you can imagine. Get the most out of your time here by getting involved.

Meet our Student Government Association Board

President: Megan Loper
Vice President: Emily Reyes
Treasurer: Scarlett Bassily

P4 Class Representatives: Emily Messing, Christopher Milan
P3 Class Representatives: Mir Mahmood, Jeffrey Sniggs
P2 Class Representative:
P1 Class Representative: Michelle Rabi

We are proud to boast about our 12 very vibrant student-led organizations that plan and host campus events and celebrations, and meet regularly for discussion and networking.  We hope you will join at least one.     

Meet our Organization Leaders

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacists/AMCP

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ellen Loh

  • President: Elisjana Kalemasi
  • Vice President: Edona Kelmendi
  • Secretary: Christine Le
  • Treasurer: Lee Ben-David
  • Public relation chair : Monique Scott
  • P4 Liaison: TBD

American Pharmacist Association/APhA

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Dipan Ray

  • President- Mir Mahmood
  • President Elect- Nazmul Sarker
  • Vice President- Ligy Thadathil
  • Secretary- Julie Henry
  • Treasurer- Kristie Clark
  • Membership Vice President- Chun Ng Mei
  • Communications Vice President- Christine Nguyen
  • Policy Vice President- Emily Reyes
  • Policy Chapter Delegate- Amy Lei
  • Patient Care Vice President- Angela Patanawong
  • Generation Rx Initiative Chair- Rachel Jakobov
  • Operation Diabetes Initiative Chair- Brianne Weiss
  • Operation Immunization Initiative Chair- Tinnie Liao-Ng
  • OTC Medicine Safety Initiative Chair- Cindie Luu

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists/ASCP

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Kenneth Cohen

  • President - Elisjana Kalemasi, P2
  • Vice President - Christine Le, P2
  • Secretary - Sybil Goday, P3
  • Treasure- Monique Scott, P2
  • P2 Liaison - 
  • P3 Liaison - 
  • P4 Liaison - Michelle Uddin, P3 & Tu-Anh Tran, P3

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists - Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy/ASHSP-SSHP

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Mary Choy‌

  • President: Adam Chin
  • President Elect: Diana Duong
  • Vice President: Lauren Aronin
  • Treasurer: Megan Loper
  • Secretary: Vincent Tran

College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists

Faculty Adviser: Dr. William Olsufka

  • President: Lee Ben-David
  • President-Elect: Chun Ng-Mei
  • Secretary: Charlene Bland
  • Treasurer: Tracy George
  • Historian: Diana Duong

Industry Pharmacy Organization/IPhO

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Haregewein Assefa

  • President: Lendelle Raymond
  • Vice President: Henrietta Ofuluozor 
  • Treasurer: Chun Ng
  • Secretary: Jaymie Padero
  • Historian: Vincent Tran
  • Public Relations Chair: Alexander Agyei Marfo

International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research/ISPOR

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ellen Loh

  • President: Lindsay Petrenchik
  • President Elect: Joyce Oh 
  • Secretary: Jennifer Tsan
  • Treasurer: Nicholas Dickson

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Priyank Kumar

  • Regent: Rebecca Choi
  • Vice Regent of Fundraising: Nana Asante
  • Vice Regent of Philanthropy: Elisjana Kalemasi
  • Secretary: Christine Le
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Tsan
  • Chaplain: Edona Kelmendi
  • Pledgemasters: Arielle Chase, Lyndon Johnson
  • Sergeant of Arms: Sanjay KC, Vincent Tran
  • Province Chair: Adaobi Azubike, Bhumika Gohel
  • Webmaster: Jeffrey Quaye
  • Historian: Davis Yoon
  • GCD: Wesley Miller, Christine Nguyen 

Pharmacist State Society of New York/PSSNY

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Evangelina Berrios-Colon

  • President: Sora Vysotski
  • Vice-President: Sefa Kploanyi
  • Secretary: Angela Pantanawong
  • Treasurer: Chris Milan
  • Public Relations Director: Anna Bochkanova
  • Organization Representative:  Iryna Pokotyluk
  • Events Coordinator: Sigal Goldberg

Pharmacists for Public Health/PPH

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Rebecca CopeDr. Batoul Sinhaji-Tomza

  • President: President: Vincent Tran
  • Vice President: Diana Duong
  • Secretary: Athena Moustakas
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Tsan
  • Public Relations/Historian: Chun Ng
  • Event Coordinator: Lyndon Johnson

Phi Lambda Sigma

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Keith Veltri 

  • President: Christopher Milan
  • Vice-President: Emily Messing
  • Secretary: Elisheva Friedman
  • Treasurer: Phoebe Wong

Rho Chi Honor Society

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Keith Veltri & Dr. Mariana Babayeva

  • President – Emily Messing
  • Vice President –Andy Nguyen
  • Secretary – Mi Bui
  • Treasurer – Saira Mohammad
  • Historian – Amy Lei

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy/SCCP

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Rebecca Cope & Dr. Briann Luteran

  • President: Thu Nguyen
  • President-Elect: Nkemkude Okagor 
  • Treasurer: Liliya Serebryakova
  • Secretary: Bixia Li
  • Student liaison: Iryna Pokotylyuk

Student National Pharmaceutical Association/SNPhA

 Faculty Adviser: Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah

  • President: Justice Kwansa
  • President-Elect: Anooj Mamlatdarna
  • Vice-President: Monique Scott
  • Secretary: Rachel Debellotte
  • Secretary of Fundraising – Prezzie Elizabeth Charles
  • Treasurer: Nkemkude Okafor
  • Diabetes Chair: Lee Fairy Ben-David
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Chair:  Tinnie Liao-Ng Yan
  • Power to End Stroke Chair:  Thomas D. Cabert Jr.
  • Remember the Ribbon (HIV) Chair:  Raisa Archa-Marfaw
  • Legislative Chair: Emily Reyes
  • Operation Immunization:  Lendelle Raymond
  • Webmasters/Historians: Saera Murtaza
  • Webmasters/Historians: Tamanna Majumder

 Interested in starting an organization? Contact  Dean Escott.

 Traditions and Events

From the annual White Coat Ceremony and student-faculty basketball game to food-centric fundraisers and Harlem health events, the campus community regularly comes together for celebration, camaraderie, and well-earned breaks from hard work.