Continuing Education

Touro College of Pharmacy is committed to providing continuing education and professional development opportunities and resources, for those in the pharmacy and healthcare fields. 

We will offer specially designed professional lectures given by our various departments, CME accredited webinars, and more, to meet the professional needs of tomorrow’s healthcare professionals.

CME Accredited

21st Century Pharmacogenics

Given by Dr. Zvi Loewy

Pharmacology and therapeutics of the 21st century are poised to apply individual genetic and molecular profiles to the prognosis, prediction, cure, and prevention of disease, in pursuit of individualized health care. The primary objective of the webinar is to provide an education vehicle for physicians, introducing them to pharmacogenomics technology and its applications. The webinar provides an overview of the genetic factors that affect the efficacy of pharmacologic agents. The topics include application of genomic and phenotype information to personal pharmacotherapy, data integration, reimbursement and clinical examples / case studies in various areas of practice. The objectives of the webinar are to provide the participants with a foundation of the role of pharmacogenomics testing in therapeutic clinical applications and drug toxicity leading to improved health outcomes and better decision making for medication management.

How to receive CME credit:

  • Listen to the webinar.
  • Relate the activity content to the Learning Objectives
  • Complete the self-assessment questions and evaluation form and submit as indicated.

Time to complete 1 hour.