Feng-Hua (Ellen) Loh, BSPharm, MBA, PhD

Assistant Professor, Social, Behavioral and Administrative Sciences

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  • Office: 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, 603E, New York, NY 10027
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    Touro College of Pharmacy
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University of Maryland Baltimore, PhD, MD: 2016

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, MBA,  PA; 2006

National Taiwan University, BS, Taiwan; 2004 

Clinical Specialty



Medication use, adherence, and outcomes in the Medicare population with chronic diseases

Medicare Part D policy such as MTM and benefit design

Academic and Professional Honors

  • 2014 Student Poster Fellowship, Drug Information Association (DIA) 50th Annual Meeting
  • 2014 Travel Fellowship, Graduate Student Association, University of Maryland Baltimore
  • 2014 Travel Award, Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, University of Maryland Baltimore
  • 2009-present The Rho Chi Society 

Teaching responsibilities

PHRM 570: Drug Information, Pharmacoepidemiology, and Biostatistics

PHRM 530: Principles of Management, Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

PHRM 510: Foundations of Public Health III-Biostatistics and Epidemiology

SBAN 571: Professional Practice II-Patient-Provider Communication

SBAN 688: Pharmacoepidemiology


Peer Reviewed Publications

Chou J., Brandt N., Loh F.E., Stuart B. “Differences among Antipsychotic Users Enrolled in Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans in 2008.” The Consultant Pharmacist. In press.
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Wertheimer A.I., Loh E.F. “Making Pharmaceuticals Affordable in Lesser Developed Countries: A Public Health Role for the Pharmacist.” Journal of Public Health Pharmacy. 2008;1(1):3-15.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications


1. Stuart B., Loh F.E., Xu J., Roberto P.N., Shoemaker J.S. “Medication Utilization Patterns and Outcomes among Part D Enrollees with Common Chronic Diseases.” PhRMA, Washington, DC, 2014. http://www.pharmacy.umaryland.edu/centers/lamy/pdf/Part_D_Chartbook_Final_2014.pdf

Book Chapter

1. Loh F.E. “The Financial and Economic Aspects of Counterfeit Medicines.” In Counterfeit Medicines Volume 1: Policy, Economics and Countermeasures. Ed. Albert I. Wertheimer and Perry G. Wang. ILM Publications, Hertfordshire, UK, 2012.

Book Review

1Loh F. Book Review of “Drugs for Less: The Complete Guide to Free and Discounted Prescription Drugs, Featuring More Than 600 of The Most Commonly Prescribed Medications”, by Michael P. Cecil, MD. New York: Hatherleigh Press, 2005. Journal of Pharmaceutical Finance, Economics and Policy. 2007;15(2):121-23.

Letter to Editor

1. Stuart B., Loh F.E. “Response Letter to Jonathan Harding.” Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2013;61(2):310.

Journal Articles

1. Wertheimer A.I., Loh E.F. “Getting Value from End-of-Life-Cycle Pharmaceuticals.” Pharmaceutical Commerce. 2009;4(9).

2. Wertheimer A.I., Loh E.F., Poli L.G. “Lifecycle: End Game.” Pharmaceutical Executive. 2007;27(10).

3. Wertheimer A.I., Loh F. “Getting Better?” Pharmaceutical Executive. 2006;26(8):72-84. 

Interests/Hobbies/Life Outside of Work

Baking, Cooking, Hiking, Traveling, Classic and Jazz Music, Jigsaw Puzzles