Research Track

The Touro College of Pharmacy offers a research-based sequence of electives designed to engage students in advanced scientific investigation.  Three courses are taken sequentially; the courses are designed to develop research proficiency and independent study, and to foster the presentation of research both in written as well as oral formats. Students that participate in the “Research Track” are well-prepared to enter into a broad variety of career areas within the pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology.

PBSN 656

This course provides students with an understanding of the essential principles and operations of a research laboratory. The development of the fundamental skill sets required to work within a modern laboratory environment are emphasized. Good laboratory practice concepts are introduced with the intent of fostering attentive and mature attitudes towards laboratory science.  Developing proficiencies in the accurate and timely maintenance of data notebooks are emphasized. Skill in the reading and presentation of scientific literature is developed. Developing communication skills in a laboratory environment is cultivated.

PBSN 657

This course builds upon those skills and techniques introduced in PBSN 656 and brings them to bear on a formal scientific project. The students engage in primary research and independent study designed to elucidate the intellectual reasoning and technical approaches employed in basic research. A goal is for the student to accumulate enough data that is worthy of publication.

PBSN 716

Students are instructed in the art of presenting and communicating scientific concepts, experimental design and results, and the broader significance of research outcomes. Scientific literature reading comprehension and developing general communication skills is emphasized. Students read, interpret and summarize the literature on their research topics. Results of students’ research projects are  assembled into publication form. Students present their findings to both formal and informal audiences.