PGY-2 Residency Programs

We offer three post-graduate year two (PGY2) residency programs. A critical care pharmacy residency program, and an infectious diseases residency program, at Mount Sinai Medical Center, and an emergency medicine residency program at St. Barnabas.

All three residencies - the PGY-2 Critical Care residency program, the PGY-2 Infectious Disease residency program, and the PGY-2 Emergency Medicine residency program - have a strong focus in clinical practice with an additional emphasis in academia.  A longitudinal academia component will complement the clinical activities by allowing the resident to work with experienced preceptors and faculty members. 

All of the above programs will potentially include the following longitudinal academia experiences:

  • Co-precept rotation students
  • Lectures and case-based recitations
  • Assisting in interview sessions for potential PharmD candidates
  • Participate in OSCE (Objective structured clinical examination)
  • Proctoring
  • Assist in career day and mock interviews
  • Participate in continuing education lecture programs

We also co-sponsor two residency programs:

TCOP sponsors residencies to promote pharmacy practice and education. The residencies are open to all, with no special preference to Touro College of Pharmacy graduates.