As a small school defined by our hard-working students, we put a lot of time and care into the admissions review process.

We only review and consider complete applications. After our initial review, we invite top candidates to interview with our admissions team and faculty. An interview does not guarantee admission.

If at any time during the admissions process you wish to withdraw your application from consideration, please notify the Office of Admissions in writing. 

Application Status

You may log into the PharmCAS system any time to determine the status of your application. Your initial status will read “Received/Under Review;” this will be updated accordingly as you move through the application process.

PharmCAS Supplemental Tab

It is advisable to become familiar with the various tabs in PharmCAS, specifically the Supplemental tab. The Office of Admissions will inform you if there are any problems or missing information from your application via the Supplemental tab in PharmCAS.  Most of your questions can be answered by checking regularly for updates in this tab.  We suggest that you review this tab before calling the office for the status of your application.


After reviewing all applications, the Office of Admissions selects a field of qualified candidates to proceed to the next step in the process; the interview. Interviews are held from October to June but we may interview Early Decision candidates in September.

We extend invitations to interview by email only, so make sure the email address you provide on your application is valid and up to date.

Admissions Decision

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis each month, October through June.

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of all applicants, which factors in overall and prerequisite GPA, course workload, related work, volunteer experience, and knowledge of the pharmacist’s role as part of today’s health care team.

Decisions are sent via email, so if there is a change in your contact information during the process, be sure to update the Office of Admissions by email at

The deadline for responding to acceptance letter via email is five (5) business days after offer is made. Towards the end of the cycle this timeframe may be shortened.


Accepted candidates must submit a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 within ten (10) business days of the acceptance deadline to hold a place in class. Towards the end of the cycle this timeframe may be shortened.  Deposits are credited toward tuition upon matriculation.

Criminal Background Check

All accepted students will receive an email from Certiphi instructing them on how to initiate a background check. You must begin this process within 10 days of receiving an offer. The background check must be completed within 30 days.

Under extraordinary circumstances admissions policies may be modified.

Immunizations and Health Insurance

All accepted students will receive an email from myRecordTracker and will need to provide documentation of MMR and Meningitis immunizations.  The immunizations must be completed within 30 days of your deposit due date. All students will need to provide proof of health insurance coverage prior to matriculation.


All students must submit original transcripts. Note that the PharmCAS copy submitted with your application does not meet this requirement.  It is required that all official transcripts with coursework to-date, including final transcripts be added to your official record.