Covid-19 Admissions Information

Our building may be closed, but we're still here to help.

We're taking extenuating circumstances into consideration as we review applications and work with our admitted students.

We encourage everyone who has been impacted to contact us regarding their specific situation. We want to do what we can to relieve any additional stress this situation has placed on your pharmacy admissions process. Choosing a college to pursue your professional career is an exciting time, and we’re eager to welcome new students to our program!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am interested in Touro College of Pharmacy-can I visit the campus?

Sadly, for the foreseeable future, our campus visits are canceled. There is no substitute for experiencing TCOP in person-we are more than just a college—we are also a collection of people.

We're disappointed that we're unable to host you and your family at this time, but as soon as we are open, we will welcome you back! In the interim, join one of our monthly virtual pharmacy info sessions.

There are loads of ways to learn more about our college while the admissions office is closed to visitors, we are happy to have a one-on-one Zoom session with you or you can reach out to one of our friendly Admissions Student Ambassadors with any questions.

Can I connect with an Admissions Officer?

Yes! We would like to ‘meet’ with you and are excited to schedule a virtual chat with one of the Admissions Team members.  We are available Monday–Thursday until 4:00 PM.

What if my course schedule is impacted by changes at my college?

We understand that you may be undergoing minor and major changes to your schooling. Some schools may be altering their course offerings this semester. We plan to be as flexible as possible in adapting to the changes that are in place and coming. We will honor the decisions made by your college as long as they are official policy. For a list of online colleges that we accept credits from please contact the Office of Admissions.

What if my school will not offer letter grades for my courses for this semester but only offers Pass/Fail?

We assess applications for admission to our program holistically, taking into account your entire academic career and unique potential contributions to pharmacy.

Successful completion with a grade of P during the Spring and Fall 2020 terms is sufficient evidence of your competence in a course for the purposes of a holistic view of your application and prior academic record.

My college has moved all courses online including labs.  Will this impact my admission decision or my ability to matriculate in the fall?

We understand there have been extraordinary changes in the lives of our prospective students across the world. No online designation is required on the transcript, nor is an update to admissions required if your school moves classes online.