Divya Sarvaiya, P2

Admissions Student Ambassador

I am a second-year student pharmacist at the Touro College of Pharmacy, NY. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India, completed my 'Bachelor of Pharmacy' degree from Mumbai University and a Master's in ‘Industrial Pharmacy’ from Long Island University in 2018. My future goal is to pursue a residency in critical care after the completion of my PharmD. I strongly believe in life-long learning & aspire to be a pharmacy leader, entrepreneur and a strong advocate of the profession to advance patient-centered collaborative care. I have already started working on developing the necessary skills via my participation in co-curricular activities held by various organizations. I work with the College administration and the faculty to ensure the student pharmacist voice is heard in decisions as a student member of the Curriculum Committee at the TCOP. I haven’t let my service and advocacy affect my academic performance. I pride myself on being current on issues facing our profession and being actively involved in developing solutions for it. TCOP has given me everything I was looking for to groom myself into a successful pharmacist! I have enjoyed every minute at Touro and will continue to do so. All the incoming students I welcome you with immense joy to a place where teachers will be your friends, your friends will be your philosophers and your mentors will be your guides! Reach out to me!