Michelle Kaner, P2

Admissions Student Ambassador

My name is Michelle Kaner and I am a second-year pharmacy student at TCOP. I have a bachelor's in biology from LIU and have an enormous passion for fitness and nutrition integrating with pharmacy. Pharmacists see their patients more than any other medical provider and have an enormous amount of impact on their patients and healthcare overall. I believe in humanizing the person behind the counter and forming meaningful relationships between patient and provider. I always knew I belonged in pharmacy but until I started here I didn’t know how vast my options were. Whether it is residency, research, industry or academia…I feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn from the profession’s leaders and find my own niche. Like many students, I have dealt with anxiety pretty much my entire adult life. The ability to prioritize my studies was not a skill I learned overnight but has been crucial to my success here and with the management of my anxiety. What makes us human is our ability to learn from our mistakes, and I have made many. However, Touro allows me to bounce back and better each step of the way. It is okay to not be perfect, and I hope that message transcends into helping me flourish even further. Please feel free to reach out to me.