Check Disbursal and Refunds

The Bursar’s Office will also disburse any federal and private loans you receive through the Financial Aid Office. 

Because of the wide variety of funding options, some students may receive aid packages that exceed tuition and fees. Our office processes refund checks to those students, to use toward living expenses.

We make sure that tuition overpayments of any type are promptly refunded to students, in accordance with Federal and State guidelines on satisfactory attendance and academic progress.

Should a refund check generated by Institutional funds which is issued to a student remain unclaimed for one (“1”) year, Touro reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make adjustments to any internal funds which remain on a student’s account as unclaimed. The student shall not have any right to the adjusted funds.

All refunds are issued within 14 days of the credit balance. Please be advised that if you paid by credit card, your credit card will be refunded.

Refund disbursements

You have two options to receive your refund.

  1. Direct Deposit thru TouchNet
  2. Paper Check

Touro College and University System has now transitioned to a new, simpler way of signing up for direct deposit. Beginning Fall 2018, all students wishing to receive their refunds electronically by ACH must enroll in TouchNet eRefunds. All students whether enrolled previously or not, will need to enter their bank information on TouchNet.

Students choosing direct deposit will have funds electronically deposited in the bank account of choice. Have your checking account routing number and account number available to sign up. All future disbursement will be sent to your bank account unless you change your preference.

If you are not receiving your refund by direct deposit the bursar’s office will notify students by e-mail when their refund check is available.