Student Health Insurance

Touro College of Pharmacy (TCOP) requires that all students maintain health insurance coverage while they are an active student. All students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year.

Students who wish to opt out from the TCOP sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan must complete the online waiver application by the deadline date. You will need your current insurance ID card and the plan benefits information to complete the process.

Health Sciences Assurance Consulting, Inc. (HSAC, Inc.) is the group administrator for the student health plan and will verify the waiver information to ensure all students are currently, and remain, in compliance with TCOP’s health insurance requirements. All information submitted is confidential and utilized for verification of health insurance only.

Submitting a waiver for the Student Health Insurance Plan are accepted online at TCOP - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan

If you are enrolled in the student plan you will remain enrolled for the semester. The billed insurance premium is by semester to your student account. Once enrolled your status cannot change during the semester. There are no midyear terminations with a refund.

Please feel free to contact Daryl Hall at HSA Consulting, Inc. (888-978-8355) or email with any questions related to: Eligibility, Enrollment Process, Plan Rates, Summary of Benefits or Waiver Request.