Iva Srdanovic, PhD

Research Scientist

Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Touro College of Pharmacy


Dr. Srdanovic is originally from Montenegro, and has lived in New York since the age of twelve. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in biology and doing research at the Hospital for Special Surgery, she decided to pursue her interest in research even further by completing a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. She has experience in topical and transdermal drug delivery/formulation development, as well as a clinical research in the realm of interventional cardiology. Having worked on numerous clinical trials in interventional cardiology, she gained a deeper understanding of the clinical implications of drug release kinetics from drug-eluting stents and drug-coated balloons, linking the knowledge in pharmaceutics to clinical outcomes.

She is passionate about learning and teaching and is very excited to be a member of TCOP's team as a research scientist.


  • B.S in Biology, Marymount Manhattan College, New York, 2006
  • PhD, Long Island University, New York, 2017


Iva's research interests include, Pharmaceutical Sciences (in vitro study of drug protein-binding in human plasma and drug-drug interactions) and Biomedical Sciences (steroid hormone receptor targeting for endocrine therapies).

Recent Publications

  • Iva Srdanovic. Factors Influencing 1st and 2nd Generation Drug-Eluting Stent Performance: Understanding the Basic Formulation Factors Influencing Drug Release Kinetics and Stent Thrombosis beyond the Durable versus Biodegradable Polymer Concept. (J Pharm Pharm Sci. 2021- submitted)
  • Iva Srdanovic, Sidhartha Ray, Yang N. Cell Proliferation. In vited contribution to “Encyclopedia of Toxicology, Volume-4, Elsevier Publishing, London (In-preparation, to be published 2023).
  • Maayan Konigstein, Mahesh V Madhavan, Ori Ben-Yehuda, Hussein M Rahim, Iva Srdanovic, Fotis Gkargkoulas, Ghazaleh Mehdipoor, Evan Shlofmitz, Akiko Maehara, Björn Redfors, Ankita K Gore, Thomas McAndrew, Gregg W Stone and Ziad A Ali. Incidence and predictors of target lesion failure in patients undergoing contemporary DES implantation-Individual patient data pooled analysis from 6 randomized controlled trials. Am Heart, 213:105-111, 2019.
  • Shmuel Chen, Bjorn Redfors, Patrick W. Serruys, Arie P. Kappetein, Aaron Crowley, Ori Ben-Yehuda, Iva Srdanovic, Nicholas Lembo, W. Brown, Joseph Sabik, and Gregg Stone. Impact of Treatment with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors or Receptor Blockers on Revascularization after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting for Left Main Coronary Artery Disease: Analysis from the EXCEL Trial. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol., 73(9):1192, 2019.
  • Maayan Konigstein MD, Iva Srdanovic PhD, Ankita K. Gore BS, Hussein M. Rahim MD, Philippe Généreux MD, Ori Ben‐Yehuda MD, Indulis Kumsars MD,  Maciej Lesiak MD,  Annapoorna Kini MD,  Géza Fontos MD,  Ton Slagboom MD,  Imre Ungi MD, PhD,  D. Christopher Metzger MD,  Aaron Crowley MA,  Martin B. Leon MD,  Ziad A. Ali MD, DPhil. Outcomes of the Tryton‐dedicated bifurcation stent for the treatment of true coronary bifurcations: Individual‐patient‐data pooled analysis. Catheter. Cardiovasc. Interv., 93 (7): 1255-1261, 2018.
  • I. Isnardi, Y.-S. Ng, L. Menard, G. Meyers, D. Saadoun, I. Srdanovic, J. Samuels, J. Berman, J. H. Buckner, C. Cunningham-Rundles and E. Meffre. Complement receptor 2/CD21- human naive B cells contain mostly autoreactive unresponsive clones. Blood, 17; 115 (24):5026-36, 2010.
  • I. Isnardi, Y.-S. Ng, I. Srdanovic, R. Motaghedi, S. Rudchenko, H. von Bernuth, S.-Y. Zhang, A. Puel, E. Jouanguy, C. Picard, B.-Z. Garty, Y. Camcioglu, R. Doffinger, D. Kumararatne, G Davies, J. I. Gallin, S. Haraguchi, N. K. Day, J.-L. Casanova and E. Meffre. IRAK-4- and MyD88-dependent pathways are essential for the removal of developing autoreactive B cells in humans. Immunity, 29:746-757, 2008.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Center for Dermal Research
  • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
  • Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
  • Alpha Chi


French, Serbian


Traveling, French Cinematography, Running, Swimming