We are more than a campus, we are a community.

We come from all over the country and the world, and live throughout the greater NYC-region, from Harlem to Hoboken and across all five boroughs. We come together in Harlem not only to prepare to become the best pharmacists we can be, but to learn from each other, to network, and to make lifelong connections.

Student life at the Touro College of Pharmacy isn’t exactly typical. We don’t have a large central quad or a sprawling campus. But we have committed student organizations and beloved traditions. We coordinate community outreach events to serve our neighbors in Harlem. And in addition to our campus cafe, we have the world’s cuisines just outside our door.

We are all hard-workers, with serious professional goals and a passion to help people. We support each other in our studies and cheer on one another’s accomplishments. And our faculty are always here to help. 

This isn’t just graduate school, this is Touro.