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#congrats to Touro College of Pharmacy Assistant Dean of Clinical and Professional Affairs, Associate Professor and interim chair of Pharmacy Practice, Michael Liu, on being awarded the Presidential Faculty Award for Exemplary Service to Touro University. President Alan Kadish shared “The entire University is appreciative to you for spearheading a team of faculty, staff and students to provide critically needed service and support throughout the pandemic from testing to vaccination. At a time when others were fearful and distant, you jumped right in on the frontlines, traveling from Touro location to Touro location to ensure that our campus community was protected as best as possible. Therefore, I have created this special award in recognition of your extraordinary and exemplary service.” Michael Liu shared with us 'I would like to thank our leadership, faculty, and staff at Touro College of Pharmacy, and the leadership at Touro College & University System for providing the support needed in order to serve the New York metropolis with public health services throughout the pandemic. This award demonstrates the spirit of commitment and servitude during times of needs, and I am thankful of being a recipient of the award this year. As former US President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural address: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. #pharmacyheroes #pharmacylife #pharmacistsprovidecare #pharmacy #pharmacyschool #pharmacyeducation #leadership #crushingandscreening #covid19response #surveillance #vaccineswork #vaccination #vaccine #pharm4me #indispensable #publichealth