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You’re interested in pharmacy, mastered the sciences, dedicated to improving healthcare, have a personal story and grit. And you’re looking for a school with peers as passionate as you, caring faculty, a focus on great healthcare and community, in the heart of NYC. Welcome to Touro College of Pharmacy. Let’s talk.

Program Highlights


20 student organizations and growing. Your input matters, and there are so many ways to get involved.


98% employment in a wide range of fields. Your pharmacy career starts here.


Our labs are top notch. So good the NYS Board of Pharmacy uses them to administer the Part III laboratory compounding exam.



As we continue to celebrate American Pharmacists Month, TCOP #firstyear #pharmacystudent Ryan Fabian would like to give special #thanks to his mentor, #pharmacist Dr. Vickie Powell. - - - I met my mentor as I was finishing my contract at the Armory, NYP's vaccination clinic. Word spread that I got accepted to TCOP, and Dr. Powell's assistant set up a meeting for me. I walked into the meeting, resume in hand, and introduced myself. I told her all about my journey through academia and my experience working as a pharmacy technician. I realized how similar we were when she told me her story. She comes from an immigrant background and is first generation. She was the first to go to college and the first to seek graduate education. She attributes her success to her support system. In an excerpt from "Letters from Women In Pharmacy," a book where her story was featured, she opens up with the quote, "Each one teach one." I told her my biggest fear was that not having anyone to support me. Who would I go to if I got stuck? Who would show me what pharmacy was like outside of the classroom? Who would take me to my first conference? Dr. Powell will. With her help, I've already been connected to an ID clinical pharmacist. I've secured a position as a pharmacy technician at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, a position that will evolve with my education. Dr. Powell has a long history of taking mentees under her wings. Her mentees all share one trait: they are all leaders in pharmacy. It's empowering to know that as scared as I am in my new venture, I have a team of people supporting me. #thankyou #mentor #pharmacyheroes #pharmacyleader #supportnetwork #supportsystem #firsts #pharamacytechnician #infectiousdiseasepharmacist #pharmacystudent #futurepharmd #touropharmacy