Pharmacists in the United States are often called “medication experts” and function as information resources for fully integrated inter-professional healthcare teams. It’s why pharmacy research drives the future of drug development and delivery, and provides new perspectives on how to treat people in novel ways, treat diseases with different drug combinations and to use the most advanced technologies and systems to better outcomes.

Bioscience research and basic pharmaceutical science research (the development and testing of new dosage forms or drug delivery modalities) are part of pharmacy research, as well; clinical research with a focus on the safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of medications; pharmacy practice as it relates to the evaluation of new and existing services; and social administrative research that encompasses patient adherence, patient safety, pharmacoeconomics, patient-provider communication and epidemiology.

Touro College of Pharmacy supports faculty research and designed a research track to encourage interested students to pursue pharmacy research.

Our faculty and students are engaged in pharmacy research that works to:

  • Advance the foundational knowledge and application of biotechnology
  • Improve patient care
  • Strengthen pharmacy services
  • Contribute to the knowledge base within health services broadly

The research goal at the Touro College of Pharmacy is to contribute to advancements that will improve healthcare and enhance quality of life for our patients, current and future.