Student Spotlight: Veteran Roosevelt Matthews

Roosevelt Matthews is a Fourth Year Student at the Touro College of Pharmacy

November 08, 2018
SPC Roosevelt Mathews

1. What motivated you to join the military and how long did you serve?

I was inspired to join the military because of economic reasons. When I was pursuing my undergraduate degree, the United States was experiencing one of the worst recessions of my life. My concern at the time was graduating from college in a job-scarce economy with the burden to pay back student loans.  The U.S. military provided me with the educational opportunities and jobs security I was seeking. For this reason, in the fall of 2009, I made my decision to join the U.S. Army.

2. What were your primary responsibilities while serving and where were you deployed?

I was assigned to a unit where we provided our brigade with the logistical support needed. We were the backbone of the brigade support and sustainment structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield. We were also in charge of supervising and employing convoy defense techniques.

3. Did you earn any medals? Which ones and why were you recognized?

During my years in the U.S. Army, I received the Army Accommodation Medal and the Army Good Conduct Medal. These achievements were based on the exceptional work ethic I demonstrated during my time in service. 

4. Are there any experiences from your military days that changed the course of your life? Any that informed your career path? Please describe.

Overall, serving in the military was a great experience. The U.S. Army is a diverse organization consisting of individuals from different backgrounds, yet once I joined the military, it was like being a part of a new family. When I arrived at my unit, I was received with open arms. My mentors were great and they helped me adjust to military life. Additionally, this life-changing experience help guide me in my career path and my mentors provided me with the necessary tools to succeed at Touro College of Pharmacy.

5. Why did you choose to go back to school and what made you decide to enroll in Touro?

I made the decision to enroll in school because I wanted to continue to challenge myself outside the military world. During my search for the perfect college, I realized Touro was a great choice because of its geographical location. Also, when I was invited for my interview at Touro, the faculty and students were very welcoming and they made my experience less stressful. Following my interview, I was convinced that Touro was the right place for me. Additionally, the school had the reputation of being veteran friendly.

6. What skills did you learn in the military that are now helping you as a student?

The military is an unpredictable environment and to survive, adaptation has to be your way of life. My ability to adapt and prioritize has helped me succeed as a student. Pharmacy school is an intense program that requires commitment and to not just survive but also do well, I had to prioritize important things and stay committed.