Fighting Rx Abuse

By Eileen Sordo, Touro College of Pharmacy Class of 2013, and Craig Kovera, PhD

November 26, 2012

This past spring, Touro College of Pharmacy implemented its Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Education Program (PDAPEP). Prompted by high rates of prescription drug abuse among teens in Staten Island, PDAPEP is part of New York Senator Charles Schumer’s initiative to combat prescription drug abuse. Along with pharmacy students of Long Island University and St. John’s University, TCOP students visit select Staten Island high schools to promote the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

PDAPEP is an ongoing student-led, faculty-mentored project that endeavors to build relationships with students, teachers, parents, and community members, as well as local organizations on Staten Island who are working to address the prescription drug abuse problem. At the end of the last academic year, PDAPEP members carried out educational events at Curtis and Tottenville high schools, and are in progress to do the same again this year. Through presentations, high school students were engaged via video testimonials from formerly addicted teens, interactive information sharing, and role playing.

Our dedicated team members work diligently throughout the school year. Currently, PDAPEP is recruiting members who will continue this legacy. We are excited to welcome them to our team very soon!

PDAPEP Team: Amy Bui, Jessica Cate, Steven Elrod, Michelle Friedman,Sharon Gayed, Johnny Jiang, Umeer Khan, Huy Nguyen, Elizabeth Panek, Dhru Patel, Krina Patel, Nishale Patel, Sejal Patel, Tammy Pham, Eileen Sordo, Danny Tea, Albana Toci, Chelsea Terranova, Hanh Thai, Tally Shuldiner, Peter Ung, Kathleen Wong, Tiffany Wong, Jennifer Yam, Stephanie Vu.

Faculty Advisors: Craig Kovera, PhD, Ronnie Moore, PharmD,  Dipan Ray, PhD, RPh