PGY-2 Residency Programs

We offer three post-graduate year two (PGY2) residency programs. A critical care pharmacy residency program, and an infectious diseases residency program, at Mount Sinai Hospital, and an emergency medicine residency program at St. Barnabas.

All three residencies - the PGY-2 Critical Care residency program, the PGY-2 Infectious Disease residency program, and the PGY-2 Emergency Medicine residency program - have an emphasis in academia and provide a well-rounded and unique opportunity to advance as clinically and as academicians.  A portion of the residency year is spent at TCOP engaging in a variety of teaching and scholarly activities with our experienced faculty members. 

Longitudinal Academia Experiences include:

  • Co-precept rotation students
  • Research
  • Lectures and case-based recitations
  • Post-graduate training workshops

We also co-sponsor two residency programs:

TCOP sponsors residencies to promote pharmacy practice and education. The residencies are open to all, with no special preference to Touro College of Pharmacy graduates.