Linkage Agreements

Linkage agreements provide direct pathways - and one year sooner - for qualified undergraduate students from linked schools to attend Touro College of Pharmacy.

We currently have linkage agreements with:

Lander College of Arts and Sciences, A Touro College School
New York School of Career and Applied Studies, NYSCAS, A Touro College School
Touro College Los Angeles
Hunter College
Brooklyn College
Lehman College
Medgar Evers College
Ramapo College
Caldwell University
Felician University
Marymount Manhattan College
Mount Saint Mary College

Interested students will follow a specific track at their college. If they meet all requirements, after three years, students will matriculate into TCOP, and after satisfactory completion of their first year at TCOP, their undergraduate institution will award a bachelor’s degree.

During a student's three years in college, the following is required:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 
  • A PCAT exam taken within the last two years
  • Completion of our prerequisite courses
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in additional courses such as genetics, statistics/biostatistics, and computer science
  • A favorable recommendation by the Pre-health Advisor and 2 additional recommendations, one of which must be a healthcare provider
  • A satisfactory personal interview by Touro College of Pharmacy faculty
  • A completed PharmCAS application

Enrollment in the Program is not a guarantee that the candidate will be granted admission to Touro College of Pharmacy and final decisions will be solely at the discretion of Touro College of Pharmacy.

Students enrolled in this program who do not meet or exceed the above standards have the privilege of applying for admission to Touro College of Pharmacy through the regular channels. All candidates must meet Touro College of Pharmacy admission standards at the time of their enrollment into Touro College of Pharmacy.

Touro College of Pharmacy reserves the right to deny admission to students who, in the opinion of Touro College of Pharmacy, may have difficulty obtaining a pharmacy license.