Gretel Morales, P2

Admissions Student Ambassador

Touro College of Pharmacy


Hi there! I’m so excited to be a student at this wonderful college. I was born and raised in Cuba and at the age of 11, my family and I transitioned to the US to chase the American Dream. We settled in Tampa, Florida, where you can ride jet skis even in the winter. My hobbies include traveling, scuba diving, dancing, and spending quality time with my loved ones. I fell in love with pharmacy working as a certified pharmacy technician in a community setting for over 5 years while I finished undergrad at the University of South Florida. I decided to move to NYC and pursue my PharmD degree at Touro. The student body diversity and the extra semester of rotations and clinical exposure are some of the reasons why Touro is perfect for me and I hope it is for you. I look forward to answering any question you may have and making sure your transition into grad school is as smooth as possible. Feel free to email me anytime!