American Society of Consultant Pharmacists/ASCP

ASCP's mission is to promote healthy aging through the appropriate use of medications. For millions of senior citizens and individuals with chronic illnesses, consultant and senior care pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring optimal drug therapy.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) is the only international professional society devoted to optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons. Founded in 1969, ASCP represents over 9,000 pharmacy professionals, including students, serving the unique medication needs of the senior population in a wide range of professional settings.


Faculty Adviser: Dr. Roman Fazylov

  • President - Rivka Feigenbaum
  • Vice President - Digleiry Cruz
  • Membership Coordinator - TBD
  • Secretary - Zokha Butt
  • Treasurer - Amanpreet Kaur
  • P3 Liaison - Khashayar Tehrani
  • P2 Liaison - TBD
  • P1 Liaison - TBD