At Touro College of Pharmacy, we know that mental health and wellness are integral for your academic success. To help you navigate mental health challenges, TCOP has Abigail Bryskin, LCSW-R, a dedicated mental health professional available to assist pharmacy students. Abigail is uniquely aware of the challenges faced by pharmacy students and is an excellent and valuable resource.

Abigail offers: 

  • Free and confidential support either in person, via zoom, or by phone 
  • Ongoing or acute supportive counseling.  
    • Common challenges addressed include stress management, time management, test and general anxiety, relationship difficulties, family stressors, sadness/depression, substance abuse. 
  • Referrals to external providers if necessary. 
  • Workshops for pharmacy students and faculty on mental health and wellness topics 

To schedule a meeting or if you have any questions, please contact:

Abigail Bryskin, LCSW-R

External Resources

Department of Student Mental Health Services for Touro University  

For counseling and referral services, please reach out to the department by email or phone to: wellness@touro.edu, (646) 565-6115 

Another option available to students is the Health Advocate Student Assistance Program. Students can reach out to Health Advocate in the event of needing a mental health professional to speak to outside of business hours. This is a free service that assists Touro students in connecting with licensed clinicians. 

Health Advocate clinicians provide: 

  • Licensed professional counselors who are available to talk to students 24/7. 
  • Up to three free sessions with a licensed professional counselor 
  • Referrals for long term treatment 
  • Assistance with a variety of school/life issues and/or other issues such as housing, elder care, and child care. 

Reach out to Health Advocate